The Sorceror's Key

Session 1 Part 2
The Goblin Market
p. Sorry it has taken so long to keep up with this guys. The end of school really has kept me busy. Enough excuses.

Dr. Brown (Josh) and Wong Fu (Roy) were taken aback by talking to a cat. Bastiza found out the travelers were men from “Beyond the Wall of Sleep.” She also let it be known her father was “Sir Xanadu, The Brave, Master of the Queen’s guard.”

p. She told the history of her father and how he journeyed with the Goddess of all cats with the two Sorcerer’s to slay the Shadowdragon and He Who Is Never To Be Named Again. She journeyed with Sorcerers as well The name of the Sorcerer’s were Religio the Wild , Ruspin the Forsaken and Morgan the Wise. p. The traveler’s stayed the night outside and learned of many other things. They learned that Cats were respected in Ulthar. In fact their was a law against killing cats in the City. In Ulthar they meet The High Priest Atal. He sends them on a quest to recover lost dreams that belong to the Sorcerers that saved the Dreamlands. They were last seen in the control of Zeebo the head goblin merchant of the Goblin Market. p. Wong Fu and Dr. Brown are companied by Bastiza and a gigantic trained defense Scorpion. They journey to the Goblin Market without trouble. I imagine it is because they had a HUGE scorpion with them, p. Once at the Goblin Market, Dr. Brown and Mr. Fu spotted the goblin they saw on the mountain. The small goblin was being shouted at by a huge muscular goblin. The small goblin, still unable to hear, does not communicate effectively and is thrown into a cage on a wagon. The investigators chose to move on. p. Mr. Fu was able to haggle a deal with Zeebo for the three memories of the Sorcerers….and more. Mr. Fu used the head key to reveal his memory of Hastur to Zeebo. Zeebo went insane and gave away all his merchandise for the memory of Hastur. The deal was struck and Mr. Fu lost his memory of Hastur. Zeebo proceeded to carve the Yellow sign into his wagon. Multiple times. p. Dr. Brown and Mr. Fu were greeted by Dr. Francis Morgan. He witnessed the use of the head and let them both know he was “Morgan the Wise”. He told them both about Religio and Charles Ruspin as well.

This is where we stopped at for the first session.image002.gif

The Sorceror's Key (1st session part A)
The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

Session 1

Players in attendance: Roy Hatcher and Josh Williams were players who visited The Dreamlands. Sorry fellas, I cannot remember the names of the characters but I am sure I can edit this post later! The following story is a recap of what happened that fun afternoon.

It is winter of 1928. They both saw a version of the King in Yellow while in London. The play and the sign they saw drew them into an adventure of a lifetime. The investigators collected clues and followed leads which lead them to doomed Carcosa. The beautiful city was destroyed by Hastur but not before our brave men stared into his face. They were the only two out of six to make it out alive and with their sanity intact.

Six months later our heroes met outside the gate that separates The Dreamlands from the the cavern of endless flame, Kaman-Thah and Nasht, the gate keepers, granted them access on the condition that Josh and Roy helped those they came across. This begins their adventure into the Dreamlands

The first part of the adventure involved watching cats ascend to the moon for the first time. They knew that this world they were visiting was in their dreams so they tested their endurance to see if they would become fatigued in this world like upon Earth. They also tested the gifts that were presented to them inside the Chamber of Endless Flame. I will let them disclose those contents if they wish.

They traveled for a day down the mountain and eventually crossed paths with a goblin who was having difficulty capturing an escaped Butterfly Dragon.butterfly_dragon.jpg

The goblin was distracted and pursued the creature while Roy decided to aid that captured exotic creatures and sabotaged the Goblin’s cart, all without the goblin catching him.

The goblin became victim to the pink gas a Dragon Butterfly emits when in danger and became deaf. He wearily repaired his wagon and descended the mountain as the players followed him.

At the end of the third day they all had reached the bottom of the mountain. They came to courtyard which had a stone archway shaped closely to an octagon. The goblin parked the cart and used a key in a stone next to the archway. A purple fluid filled the archway creating a portal. Josh’s character pounced and wrestled the key away from the goblin but the goblin escaped into the portal.

This action was interrupted by cries for help. The cries for help sounded like a sexy British woman so our heroes lept into action. The voice did not belong to a woman but to a cat. She was being attacked by 12 Zoogs. Roy managed to kick one so hard that it sent the Zoog sailing to his death, scaring 6 of them away while Josh captured one. The remain Zoogs decided this cat was not worth the trouble.

The cat introduced herself as Bastiza, daughter of Lord Xanadu, head of the Kings guard in Ulthar.

I will post more later.

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